Welcome to the BAMO Web Site!

Are you a student who wants to participate in BAMO, or a teacher who would like to proctor for BAMO? Registration for BAMO 2020 will open in January!

If you are a student and BAMO is not proctored at your school, you can still take the BAMO exam at another school or test center where BAMO is proctored. A list of BAMO exam locations which are able to accept outside students will be posted in mid-January.

The Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad (BAMO) consists of two exams, each taken by hundreds of students, with 5 proof-type math problems to be solved in 4 hours. One exam is for students in 8th grade and under, and the other for students in 12th grade and under. They are held on the last Wednesday of every February, at schools and several open sites around the Bay Area.

The 22nd annual BAMO will take place at participating schools on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, March 14, 2020.

If you want to find your score on BAMO 2019 and you know your ID number, please visit this page. If you forgot your ID number, check with the proctoring site where you took BAMO. The proctor has your scores.

Please Donate!

BAMO has been free for all participants for the past twenty years, supported by grants and generous donations from individuals. Our expenses have increased and we are struggling to keep this event sustainable and inclusive. If you have not donated before, please consider doing so. Even better, ask your workplace to match your donation. Please contact bamo@msri.org to help sponsor this year's contest.