As you probably know, MSRI in Berkeley has hosted our awards ceremony since 2006, but the pandemic has prevented that this year. However, we are very happy to report that Santa Clara University will be able to host our event on Sunday 20 Mar from 230–5PM.

The location is Daly Hall, room 207. Free parking is available at the nearby North Campus Garage, located at the intersection of Alvisio and Benton.

The talk will be given by Alon Amit (Intuit) on “The changing nature of proof.” Proofs are the essence of mathematical progress. The nature of “proof” has been relatively stable for millennia, but is now changing due to a confluence of two factors: the increasing complexity and specialization of mathematical research, and the emergence of proof assistants and computer-verified proofs. We will explore those developments and study the possible role of Lean for the near future of mathematical progress.

After the talk, we will have a brief awards ceremony.

To sign up, please RSVP as soon as possible, since space may be limited due to the pandemic. Be prepared to show proof of vaccination and wear a mask.