2014 Prize Winners


Grand PrizeToby Frager, Bancroft Middle School
Grand PrizeJulian Rovee, Terman Middle School
Grand PrizeRyan Tavenner, San Jose Middle School
Grand PrizeArjun Venkatraman, Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School
Grand PrizeJeff Yang, Cupertino Middle School
Grand PrizeJessica Zheng, Miller Middle School

Team PrizeTeam Name
First Place Team ScoreCupertino Middle School
Second Place Team ScoreOdle Middle School
Third Place Team ScoreThe Harker School
Fourth Place Team ScoreHarvest Park Middle School
Fifth Place Team ScoreHamilton Middle School
First Place Team ParticipationTerman Middle School
Second Place Team ParticipationCupertino Middle School


Grand PrizeBrian Burks, Basic Homeschool
Grand PrizeEmily Cai, Homestead High School
Grand PrizeEvan Chen, Irvington High School
Grand PrizeJared Filseth, Palo Alto High School
Grand PrizeSwapnil Garg, Cupertino Middle School
Grand PrizeDaniel Guo, Homestead High School
Grand PrizePatrick Lin, The Harker School
Grand PrizeLaura Pierson, College Preparatory School
Grand PrizeMihir Signal, Jordan Middle School
Grand PrizeVikram Sundar, The Harker School
Grand PrizeAshwath Thirumalai, The Harker School
Grand PrizeDanielle Wang, Andrew Hill School

Team PrizeTeam Name
First Place Team ScoreThe Harker School
Second Place Team ScoreMission San Jose High School
Third Place Team ScoreSaratoga High School
Fourth Place Team ScoreHenry M Gunn High School
Fifth Place Team ScoreHomestead High
First Place Team ParticipationHenry M Gunn High School
Second Place Team ParticipationLynbrook High School
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