Sponsors and donations

Since its inception more than twenty years ago, BAMO has been a collaboration between MSRI and local mathematicians, teachers, and universities. In particular, we thank Mills College, UC Berkekely, San Jose State University, Stanford University, and the University of San Francisco for hosting awards ceremonies prior to 2006 and providing other institutional support. Since 2006, MSRI has hosted our awards ceremony in the spectacular Simons Auditorium, and has graciously helped BAMO in many other ways.

Several generous individuals and foundations have supported BAMO over the years. We are especially grateful to Nancy Blachman, Tom Davis and Ellyn Bush, Peggy and Tom Rike, Tim and Barbara Sylvester, Alexander Vaschillo, and Jonathan Zhu.

BAMO depends on your support! Please contact bamo@msri.org to help sponsor this year’s contest.