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The Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad (BAMO) is an annual competition among 250 Bay Area students, consisting of five proof-type math problems for four hours. The program was founded in 1998 by Zvezdelina Stankova (Mills College), Paul Zeitz (University of San Francisco), and Hugo Rossi (former Deputy Director of MSRI). Emulating famous Eastern European models, the program aims at drawing kids to mathematics, preparing them for mathematical contests, introducing them to the wonders of beautiful mathematical theories, and encouraging them to undertake futures linked with mathematics, whether as mathematicians, mathematics educators, economists, or business tycoons.

BAMO has been extremely popular since its founding. Evidence of this success is Bay Area representation of three students on the six-member US team, tying for second place with Russia (after China) among 80 countries at the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2001, Washington DC, and many other success thereafter.

Under the aegis of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and with the work of Professors Stankova and Zeitz, the BAMO program has come of age and established itself as the most prestigious and sought-after program by students, teachers and parents in mathematical olympiad and theory training in the Bay Area.

BAMO is supported by grants and donations. Please contact bamo@msri.org to help sponsor this year's contest.