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2019 Median Scores

ContestProblem AProblem BProblem C / 1Problem D / 2Problem E/3Problem 4Problem 5Total Score
BAMO 837100--7
BAMO 12--501006

BAMO-8 had 399 participants, and BAMO-12 had 221 participants. These 620 people ranged from 3rd through 12th grade, and came from all over the Bay Area, plus nearly 100 from Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, and even Japan!

Each problem was scored out of 7 points. Median score for each problem includes only students who submitted a solution for that problem. Median total score includes all students who submitted at least one solution.

This was a harder than average BAMO. The cutoff for honorable mention for BAMO-8 was 25, with 11 people receiving scores in the range 20--25, inclusive. For BAMO-12, the honorable mention cutoff was 25, with with 12 people receiving scores in the range 21--25, inclusive.

BAMO is supported by grants and donations. Please contact bamo@msri.org to help sponsor this year's contest.