The exam will take place on Wednesday March 6, 2024 during a 4-hour window between 12 and 9PM, Pacific Time. A few important points.

  • The exam will be proctored in person by a teacher, adminstrator, math circle staff person or someone similar.
  • The proctoring location must be a school or math circle or similar educational institution.
  • We do not allow proctoring at home. If you are homeschooled, you must find a location that will proctor the exam. We will collect information about possible sites and put this on the website, probably in late January 2024.
  • The exams will be sent to the proctor electronically, and the solution papers will be scanned and sent to us for grading.
  • At this time, we are restricting participation to CA, OR, and WA. For schools outside this area, feel free to register, but we cannot guarantee that we will grade your exams. We need to see how many participants we have, and how many graders we can recruit.
  • Here are full instructions.

Here is the registration form to register your school (it is no longer active since all schools are registered for BAMO 2024).

If you wish to added to our email list, please click on this link.