Happy holidays! We hope that you are staying safe and healthy and relatively sane in these interesting times. While the future is somewhat uncertain, we are planning to go ahead with BAMO 2022 on March 2. It will be an in-person exam, proctored at schools and math circles on the west coast. Please visit our APPLY page for more information and a registration form.

If you have already registered, you don’t need to do so again. Remember, we are only registering schools and math circles, not individuals or home-schooled students. In the past, a number of schools and math circles have been able to accommodate students from schools that cannot host BAMO. We are collecting this information now, but because of COVID-19, we anticipate that fewer schools and institutions will be able to open their doors to others.

Consequently, if you are a teacher or math circle organizer, please try your hardest to help these outsider students. They need your help! As soon as we have more information about locations that can help outsiders, we will post it on this website.