We will be closing registration in about a week (Valentines Day), so please register soon by visiting our APPLY page for more information and the registration form.

If you have already registered, you don’t need to do so again. Note, this registration form is only for schools and math circles, not individuals or home-schooled students. If you are an individual who needs to find a proctoring site, then see below.

In the past, a number of schools and math circles have been able to accommodate students from schools that cannot host BAMO. Luckily, a few institutions are indicated that they may be able to accept outside students, and we have listed them here. Please contact them on your own, and be aware that there is still very limited availability, and that it is a first-come, first-served situation. The information is still incomplete, but please return to this website for updates.

We wish that it is easier to take BAMO, but the pandemic has made it very difficult for most schools to open their doors to non-students.