San Francisco Math Teachers' Circle

Welcome to the San Francisco Math Teachers’ Circle! Founded in 2016, we are a professional community of teachers and mathematicians who love solving fun, challenging math problems. The SFMTC offers monthly Saturday meetings for math teachers interested in exploring accessible, exciting topics in mathematics. All teachers are welcome to attend. Meetings include lunch, which is complimentary.

The San Francisco Math Teachers’ Circle will be meeting at Proof School, 973 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103. Our sessions take place on Saturdays from 1030AM–1PM, approximately.

If you want to be on our email list, click this link! Sessions for the 2023-24 academic year

date facilitator topic handout
28 Oct 2023 Beth Malmskog, Colorado College Squaring the Quilting Circle See handout.
9 Dec 2023 Avery Pickford, Lick-Wilmerding Short Math Games For Large Groups  
20 Jan 2024 Pedro Morales-Almazan, UC Santa Cruz Mathprov! Here is an example from Pedro’s blog
24 Feb 2024 Paul Zeitz Visual, Wordless Proofs Here is the handout. Here is a lovely image that shows the area of a dodecagon. HT Madhavi Gudivaka!
23 Mar 2023 TBA TBA  
4 May 2023 Shamil Asgarli, Santa Clara University TBA  

Sessions for the 2022-23 academic year

date facilitator topic handout
14 Jan 2023 Henri Piccioto Geometric puzzles Slides can be found, and much more, at this site.
11 Feb 2023 Breedeen Pickford-Murray, Bay School Apportionment – State Representation By the Numbers Here are slides, worksheet, and useful state population data.
11 Mar 2023 Susan Durst, Proof School Error Correcting Codes See this handout.
1 Apr 2023 Paul Zeitz Mathematical Paper Folding Here is the handout, and here are slides from a talk I gave at MoMath in January 2020, and here is a paper about how to use origami to solve polynomial equations. The author of this paper also wrote the highly recommended Origametry.
6 May 2023 Jacob Castaneda TBA  

Sessions for the 2021-22 academic year

date facilitator topic handout
30 Oct 2021 Paul Zeitz balloon polyhedra, etc. pdf (with links to references, and a Geogebra workbook)
11 Dec 2021 Anna Weltman and Graham Gordon, Proof School Measuring Squareness  
12 Feb 2022 Sage Moore, McClymonds High School Dragon Fractals pdf
12 Mar 2022 Matthias Beck, SFSU Approximation, Polyhedra, and Lonely Runners  
23 Apr 2022 TBA    
14 May 2022 TBA    

For more information, please contact Paul Zeitz, zeitzp (at) usfca . edu

Leadership Team
Avery Pickford, Nueva School
Sophie Ehlen, ICA Cristo Rey
Paul Zeitz, University of San Francisco (emeritus)